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Looking to rehome a Pattie?

Patts can be real characters so our team will be there to guide you to the Patt with the right personality, so you find the most suitable companion.

Our Homing Process

Families must first apply by submitting our Homing Questionnaire online (friend or family may help you). The Homing Team will then email you (keep checking your junk mail after application), ring or text you but will contact you only if they feel we have suitable dog to match. You would be wise to do a video from the street, through your front door, around your ground floor and then slowly around your garden if you have one. Focus on the weak points noting foxholes or poor repair fencing and measuring heights and upload to YouTube: This will help with any application for a Rescue Dog.

Owning a terrier is about responsible management

“You can not train the terrier out of a terrier, they are their own people”.
Respect your terrier. Terriers; cats & hedgehogs are major casualties from our busy roads.

  • Terriers need all family members to have regard for tight front door/ back gate security.

  • Terriers need secure areas to exercise in regularly checked for fox holes or damage.

  • Terriers need a short lead on streets and extender leads in parks so easily avoiding incidents where a terrier run in pursuit to their death.

  • Terrier people are not about themselves they are about stepping up to this responsibility.

  • Terrierrescue terriers have escaped death having been found stray Please don’t be off lead naive risk takers:
    Terriers don’t have 9 lives they are K9

Step forwards and offer these wonderful terriers a new home, step up to the plate all we ask for is safety consciousness.
Patterdales are Black/ Chocolate brown Fell Terriers. We also rescue & home Red Fell Terriers and Black & Tan Fell terriers (sometimes called ‘Working lakelands’ ) All included here.. we are not colour prejudice!
Find more terriers are on our Terrierrescue websites including Jack Russells etc