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Albert bought by a lady from a free-ad, to live with her toddlers in a high rise. She soon realised she couldn’t manage him with the pram outside and then couldn’t find time to walk him at all. He was housetrained on the balcony so all was fine! He got highly excited when people arrived and once pushed passed her and bit a lady on the doorstep. This, on top of jumping off her balcony 2 stories up meet people coming into the flats, meant she realised he had to go.   She waited for us as Battersea would have put him to sleep as he had bitten.

She presented him as a nightmare and almost had us quaking in our boots (we were more novice then). We managed him and got him meeting dogs quite well outside and homed Albert into a home with personal portraits of 2 previous rescue Patties, without knowing they were Patties. Out on his walk, he disappeared chasing deer. 6 hours later he turned up in my front garden 3 miles away. He was living 6 miles away. I thought he looked familiar, called his name, he came into my arms. Phoned his hysterical owner who was just giving up ever finding him! In the process he had lost his disc, but he was chipped. What a reunion.