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Passionate about Patterdales

Passion comes from the heart and Patterdales have an open heart. They are extremely loving terriers although they can have their little coy, aloof ways. They will delight in praise and yes, as you may know to your cost, it is easy to work their energy up into a frenzy. Standing forward for Patterdales, has come from our passion for the breed and our contact with them. We have respect and delight in them. We have taught other Rescues to recognise and respect ‘Fell terriers’ for what they are. Everything is about reading that terrier and each is different. Over the years, having had hundred in our homes and through our hands, we are quick to ’read’ and delight in them.

You need to admire their working spirit and have your ways of ensuring they are kept busy, even if it is keeping an eye whilst you unload shopping or digging a hole next to yours! Terriers will be terriers and need management as much as training. Their safety is in your hands. We naturally take the blame and never place it on the terrier.