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Patties are not

Patties are not Cornish…no they originate from the Lake District (The Lakes/ Fells) and were discovered in a terrier meeting in a village called Patterdale.

Patties are not miniature Labradors but are ‘Black or dark Brown’ Fell terriers.

Patties are not always pure black. They can have white bits on them and can come in rich dark brown or black with tinges of auburn in their beards. A lighter red brown then they are called Red Fell terriers. Black and tan and they are termed Fell terriers. Patterdales is often used as a global term for fell terriers. In stature they tend to be mostly 13-15” to the shoulder with the proportions usually of the Lakeland terrier or Parson’s Jack Russells. They are not an exact science as they true terriers. We have known pure white ‘Fell Terriers’. You would want to class them as white Jack Russells but everything in your makeup says no this is a Fell Terrier in spirit and demeanour. Patties come with all types of coats silky smooth, course smooth, broken coated with beards and wispy legs; curly coated and wire or rough coated. The smooth can be slender like whippets with tiny delicate feet, or chunkier like little staffies with smiling faces. The course coated and wires have the most amazing paws like dusters.

Patties are not novice dogs. A family can rise into the challenge of their ownership but they need specific safe guards to keep them secure, safe and calm. Too many Patties get killed on the roads chasing cats or escaping cars or gardens.

Patties are not famed for being trustworthy with small furries, feathers or cats. They need to be watched with toy dogs and puppies. Some grow up with ‘their pack’ but aren’t trustworthy outside their pack, others tolerate e.g. cats but would chase if a cat runs. Patterdales have been known to kill cats so please don’t take this lightly; their instincts can get the better of them – not their fault.

Patties are not famed for tolerating young children or babies. In fact baby’s cries can be interpreted as an injured animal by them so be very cautious taking your Pattie into the company of a baby. It’s not about nerve; it’s about realism.  We home very cautiously with couples of child rearing age as in rescue you are on the receiving end of couples having to surrender their beloved dog.

Patties are not famed for being fluent with dogs. They will have their moments but we home many in with other dogs and managed with care it helps so much to employ their energy constructively and helps soften their edges in receptivity to dogs. Some would prefer to be only dogs.

Patties are not easy as young dogs but get lovelier with each passing year. Those who come forwards for an older Pattie have eternal smiles on their faces.

Patties are not expensive to feed so why not give good quality food. You get what you pay for so we would suggest middle range and not from supermarkets

but pet shops are best. Why not give your dog variety… would you like a life of digestive biscuits. Dried foods were invented for breeder convenience not for taste. We tend to advocate mixing dried complete e.g. Burns mini bite or James Wellbeloved with good quality moist like naturesdiet, or butcher’s tripemix.

Patties ARE not arghhhhhhhhhh!  But  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  They really ARE!